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There’s a long list of very good reasons why geothermal heat pumps continue to gain popularity across Central Illinois.  Named the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly option of temperature control by the Environmental Protection Agency, a geothermal unit keeps you perfectly cool in the summer and wonderfully warm all winter.  You can expect to save anywhere from thirty to sixty percent on heating and between twenty to fifty percent on cooling, when compared to conventional HVAC equipment.  The initial investment is often recovered in as little as four years.

Dependable Geothermal Heating & Cooling Services

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the team from PRO Air Heating - Cooling - Electrical - Geothermal is trained to properly design, install, and service geothermal HVAC systems, ensuring peak performance and reliability.  We take advantage of the most trusted manufacturer in the industry, offering a range of leading-edge options certain to suit your specific requirements.  Providing helpful information, targeted recommendations, and dedicated overall job performance, PRO Air Heating - Cooling - Electrical - Geothermal gets the details right, adding up to your complete satisfaction.  We take a three-pronged business approach: Quality, Honesty & Integrity, so that we offer only the best to our clients throughout Bloomington, Normal & Clinton, IL.

Why should you consider geothermal heating and cooling?

  • Safety – With no onsite combustion, there’s no emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or greenhouses gases, eliminating combustion-related safety hazards and air quality concerns.
  • Flexibility – Versatile for both new construction and retrofit projects, and suitable for any sized space.
  • Quiet – No noisy outdoor compressor or fan keeps noise levels at a minimum.
  • Low Maintenance – Few moving parts and protection from outdoor elements keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum.
  • Long Lasting – The ground loop typically lasts more than fifty years, while indoor components provide around twenty-five years of reliable operation.
  • Cost Savings – The average 2000 square foot home can be maintained at optimum temperatures year round for about a dollar a day.
  • Water Heating – Supplementing the home’s conventional water heating results in up to a thirty percent savings on annual water heating costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Installation provides the equivalent environmental benefits of planting 750 trees or taking two cars off the road.
  • Value – Despite the greater investment required, the savings on utilities quickly recovers the cost, and the system adds value to the home.
  • Superior Comfort – Rather than blasts of hot or cold air, the system maintains evenly distributed temperature control, and effectively dehumidifies during the summer.

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